The Museum of Everything


Paris. The city of love. The city of light, the city of haute cuisine, ban lieu, the city of art. The city of everything and most of all the city of the Museum of Everything.

The Museum of Everything. The world's only travelling museum for undiscovered, unintentional and untrained artists from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Its installations drawing more then 300.000 visitors in the Tate Modern, the Agnelli Museum and Selfridges.

Well known artist, curators and thinkers working on their exhibitions and insuring the Museum of Everything's succes. A succes not only being founded on the proffesional approach,but also being guaranteed by the kind of art they present to the public. Presenting the socalled naive art. Art made by artist without formal or with little training. Mostly appearing in paintings. Some of these artist reaching a celebrity status. Henry Rousseau, Grandma Moses or Edward Hicks being a few examples.


The Museum of Everything's goal being to promote this kind of art or even better to promote all kind of arts. Not only the socalled naïve art but art in any form made by everybody. Travelling around the world and visiting the artists. Visiting the artists at their hometown, at their homes. Offering each and everybody a chance to exhibit their works at their travelling museum.

Opening in London, 2009, with more then 500 works. Works of: Henry Darger, Nek Chandt, James Castle etc... . Curated by contemporary artist like Grayson Perry, Ed Rusha or Christian Boltanski. Christian Boltanski being a world famous artist and autodidact himself.

Their second show being held in Londons most prestigious contemporary art museum, the Tate Modern. Discovering unknown artist all ovcer Britain, being selected and curated by designer Ron Arad, museum director Iwona Bladzwick OBE or artist Charles Avery. The shows continue in exhit nr 3 nr 4 and nr 5. Just taking a look at their site the Museum of Everything giving you a good impression of their work.

Visiting their homepage is one way of having fun. Visitng their travelling museum guarantees more fun and visiting their homebase in Paris might even be better. But promoting art is the most important fact. Not only for the Museum of Everything. Promoting art of the unknown, the not formal educated. Art being created by people just for fun, just for creating or being made to have something to support ones memory.

And the memory being important enough to be be filled with the extraordinary work of Judith Scott. Presenting her magnificent work in their exhibit nr 4, titled: Wrap your arms around me. Judith Scott, being deaf-mute and born with the Down syndrome only starting sculpture at her 40s.


This kind of Outsider Art is what makes people wonder. Wonder about art. What more can one ask for...

Museum of Everything

14 Boulevard Raspail

Paris 75007

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