Jacqueline's Opinion

Desiderius Erasmus Roterdamus , born 28 October 1466 or 1467 or 1468... - 12 July 1536.  Born in Rotterdam... or in Gouda? Being one of the finest Duch Renaissance Humanist. Even being called; the Prince of Humanists, or the Crowning Glory of the Christian Humanists. Titles he well deserves proclaiming the Freedom of Will allready in 1524. Also writing: The Praise of Folly, even earlier in 1509, showing the world the absurdity of disrespecting each others opinion.

The city of Gouda and Rotterdam proudly proclaiming Desiderius Erasmus being theirs. Beget in Gouda and born in Rotterdam seems most likely. Meeting Jacqueline Werther, from Gouda, didn't salve the question of Erasmus hometown. But respecting each others opinion surely is in the Erasmsus spirit.

Jacqueline Werther, not being an artist, but owning a shop for trimming dogs and recently cats aswell. Trimming Bouviers being her speciality. Selling quality dog food and breeding Bouviers occasional. All of this taking place in: 'T Kakstjulke, Groenstraat 123 in Landgraaf. This old farmhous, build around 1650, is the place costumers gladly visit, knowing their pets are being well taken care of.

The old farmhouse, actualy known to all the people as: 'T Kaksjtulke, represents her opinion about art. Its a very basal opinion. The house being constructed with timber and cow-shit. Disrespectfull toward art... not at all. It's a very honoust and basic way of looking towards art. 

Using the tools available around 1650 to create a farmhouse. Using her tools for trimming the dogs. And using the basic tools nowerdays to create art. It might seem a very traditional way of looking towards art, but in fact it's a natural thing to do. By using natural resources one confronts himself with nature. Going for a walk with your dogs in nature, drawing, painting or sculpturing,being the same thing, meaning going back to basics.

And going back to basics is what makes Jacqueline a skillful artist in her job. Going back to basics and being honoust. Respecting eachothers opinion. Something worthy enough being copied by a lot more people.

To contact Jacqueline:

Jacqueline Werther

Groenstraat 123

6374 JM Landgraaf

Tel: 0624597525