All In Art benefit Serious Request 2012

Promoting art, promoting young musicians and bands and even more imprtant: supporting the Serious Request benefit 2012.

Dutch radio 3FM dj's organising their 9th edition of the benefitiary Serious Request action in co-operation with the Red Cross. This years aim is to stop the unneceserry dying of 5,5 million baby's worldwide. Like thousands and thousands of other Dutch people Atelier07 contributes to this goal. Using the All In Art formula to raise as much money as possible and promoting art and music at the same time.

Supporting our action as much as possible Lex Nelissen willingly offering the Cultuurhuis Heerlen as the location. Not only the location but also his staff and all the neceserry equipment. Bands from Heerlen, Venlo like Gn2, Brada bong Diaz, Robuust and XL umzelf performing, artist from Landgraaf, Maastricht, Heerlen and Bochum offering pieces for our auction. All of them working in the interest of the 3FM Serious Request benefit. 
The All In Art benefit 2012 will take place in the Cultuurhuis Heerlen on sunday 16 december, staring at 13.00h untill 18.00h.


Atelier07 has to mention a few people for there excellent support: Lex Nelissen, Julius Takacs musical advisor, Bonny Pilouw taking care of the kids and for their technical advisory.

And ofcourse Atelier07 wishes to thank the following paticipants and sponsors,

Gn2 No Budget Arts
Rode Kruis Heerlen Robuust
Charles Krutzen Janine Koolen
Brada bong Dias Punch
Bonny Pilouw Patrick Bolk
XLumself Cultuurhuis Heerlen Durutti Can Company
Slagerij Reumkens Dhr Plum
Kaatje Jans Mevr. Groeneveld


Donating the final result on 28-December-2012 to the Red Cross committee in Heerlen the Serious Request 2012 benefit ended. Meeting Mr Kaiser, chairman, Mr Senden, treasurer and Mr Sprokkel, secretary giving us a warm welcome. An agreement on coöperating in 2013 being made. 
Hoping to add even more financial support to The Serious Request and the Red Cross!