Openining our own webshop in November 2012 is the next move to increase Atelier07 independence. Selling your own artwork isn't only commercial, it also means creating another base to work from. Another base to increase your stabilaty and it's also a kind of a on-line exhibit. 


Having an extra source of income inables Atelier07 to invest in one own's projects, thus having a far better chance of widening these projects. Projects like Paper Works. Allways exhibiting on locations far away and often remote. Travel expences of-course insreasing. Since the locations are often remote, the pieces often get lost are damaged. Such a project needs a stady flow of income and has to be documentated well.

Offering the webshop visitors the oppertunity to buy the original piece or a copy means everybody can enjoy art. This also meaning everybody can support the Atelier07 project's. The category's in the webshop;  abstract paintings, abstract drawings, erotica, cartoons-politics, cartoons-proffesions and auto-porttrait. Also murals and portraits can be ordered. Prices in these categories are on demand. Workshops are another possibility. prices on demand also.


The category of sketching and maybe a few others might seem akward to some of the shops visitors. Why... because they haven't been seen in the past in the Atelier07 exhibits. But they have allways have been a part of the artist's work. Sketching gives a first glimps of tha artist energy, his emotions, his creative idea's.

In the past artist didn't pay attention to their sketches in the way we do, Michelangelo Buanarotti must have made a couple of thousand creating his work in the Sixtine Chapel. Less then fourty still remaining, today's artist look upon it differently and so do artlovers. Somehow sketching has a purity, a purity which is so strong that it equals the final artwork ... if not more.

Erotic drawings ... , artworks with a history. Often discussed with a furious hypocrisy.  Picasso, Schiele, Turner .... a list which goes on and on. History proves that it even goes a lot further then most people think. The Chauvet caves, France, giving prove allready some 40.000 years ago. Near the German village of Hohen Fells there has been discovered the oldest figurative statue of a naked woman { and equaly important musical instruments were to be found there as well }. Mankind ceating erotic artifacts for allready 40.000 years. And most likely they will forever...