Abstract Paintings


First thought looming from ones mind thinking of abstact painting, the painters: Jackson Pollock, 1912-1956. the king of abstract expressionism. Nicknamed: Jack the Dripper, notorius lover of whiskey, bohemian and most of all painter. Responseble for making abstract painting known as the painting each and everybody can do. Quotations like: oh ... my son, aged five, can do this as well... and probable better! , making action painting as famous as possible. 

Action painting: being confronted with the one trueth, the painting itself. dealing with this confrontation in an often furious way. The energy of painting, the gesture of painting, that's what the action painter wants to catch. Getting a hold of it and controling it. Very well knowing it's impossible.

WIllem de Kooning, 1904-1997. Disliking to be boxed, rejecting style and their names. Starting to paint woman in 1950 and having his breaktrough with Woman1. Painting humans in abstract expressionism in a wonderfull way. Painting not only humans but also a landscape called: Door to the river in 1960. A masterpiece of action painting and absolutly equal to Woman1.

Another painter which has to be mentioned: Marcus Rothkovitsj, 1903-1970. Becoming a US citizen changing his name into Mark Rothko. No wild gestures but  powerfull and extremely serene paintings. Quoting Mark Rothko: I'm not interested in the relation between colour and form are whatever. I'm interested in the basal human emotions. Tragedy, extasy or damnation. That kind of stuff. A lot of people start crying watching my paintings, proving that I'm capable of transmitting my own basal emotions.   

Far less known, and being the opposite of the American superstars: Bram van Velde, 1895-1981. ... paintingis a world of the sublime, the threat, walking on a thin wire...  Or...a present out of the completeness of exsisting... Bram van Velde paintings and Samuel Beckets poetry, the same quality, the same power and the same trueth.

To express the're is nothing to express,

Nothing to express with,

Nothing to express from,

No power to express,

No desire to express,

Along with the obligation to express.

That's the essence of abstract painting to me. And of course this means the work is being criticized as not finished and lacking beauty. But reading Samuel Beckets poem above, and understanding it, should be explaination enough. 

Contrary to most spectators opinion each and every piece takes a lot of time and effort. Weeks, sometimes months of work. Staritng all over again and again. trying to reach the moment everything falls a place.

The colour, the lines, the dots and spots, and yes the drippings as well, all of it becoming a painting. With all it's unfinished business, it's uglyness and beauty. The beauty of a marvelous blue, the excellent reds and the overwelming power of black and white. Attracting one and other and pushing eachother away.

Nothing to express, along with the obligation to express.