Lecture The artist and heritige.

Being invited by dr.J.H.Pouls - teaching Art History Hogeschool Zuyd - to give a lecture on Heritage and the artist on 23/03/2011 on behalf of a Masterclass Art Education.Refering to the Exodus Project in the st.Paduachurch Heerlen and creating a wall painting with detainees. Two aspects of interest to the students.

The lecture consisting of five chapters. All five of them being related to eather the building or how to work with the inhabitants.

The building itself, a national monument and former monastary, being located on the Beersdalweg Heerlen, was designed by: F.P.J. Peutz. Build in 1929 in a Neo Gothic style. The main cultural-historical value of the monastary beingthat it is part of the "gesamtkunstwerk'' of Peutz. Architectualy because it's the only monastary in the netherlands being connected to he church comlpletely and thus possesing a courtyard.

Since the monastary has been renovated on several locations it's hard to experience the former sfere. 

Other buildings of Peutz are of more interest to the masterclas students. j Peutz often has bene critisezed of designing buildings for the Roman Katholic church just for the money and for innovating architecture. 

Becoming art teachers the students are far more interested in what way the working with detainees takes shape.

Knowing that these inhabetants are reasonably impatient, one has to get their attention and keep it. Getting them to trust you even being of more importance. Working one on one and giving them the interest they deserve is one step. The next step is being honest and open minded. Giving them as much liberty and support as possible in creating something of there own being one more step. 

Discussing art in group sessions and thus promoting their interest in art and culture is one of the main targets. Creating a mural, a part of a mural as a person and creating a mural as a group. Creating a piece of art which is going to stay and become a part of culture is motivating enough to get the inhabitants on the move.

Being honest to these people is eqauly important as being honest to other people. Keeping in mind that all of us meet far more criminals then we know. Only difference being we don't know or they haven't been convicted...yet.

Knowing these people have bene convicted and are trying to make a new start is reason enough to work with them. getting a chance to create a mural of 650 square meters in a national monument is a bonus. a bonus a lot of artist dream of. 

Dreaming of a new start in life, dreaming of making a mural. Both taking a lot of time and effort. Both being worth'while.