Urban Art

Kreuzberg, Berlin. A perfect example of what most people think of Urban Art.

Urban Art being so much more: graffity, Guerilla Art, Street Art, Urban Design etc. A style of arts relating to the cities and the city life.By some folks to be seen as vandalism or destruction of private proparty. In fact the Urban Artist just are recapturing public space.

Urban Art seems to be establishing itself as a mainstreem field of art.The big museums, like the MOMA, the Tate Modern or  the Weserburg even opening their doors to present Urban Art. Television, printed media and on-line platforms increasing their interest. Advertising companies, designers and fashon picking up the trend and selling the new lifestyle. All of them trying to sell the idea of being new and hip.

Actualy Urban Art is far more then this. It's opening a new look on the cities. It's breaking up the landscape. presenting a new view, a new way to look on your own familiar envirement.

Not everybody being interested, people just passing by impassively. But the artist have taken this in account. Far more important being the fact that they offer something. something else then the usual and ever present: see and buy with its blinking images. Pushing aside the alas steady growing commercialism.

One allmost feels like the guy to the right, getting a daily overdose of commercial shit. Being commercial isn't earning your daily wage. Being commercial means selling as much as possible. Resulting in an envirement that's getting worse by the minute. Resulting in losing your job because your too expensive ...and your expendible.

Urban Artist being present and acting by using an art form rejecting this lifestyle. Not being boxed in. Claiming their freedom and claiming their space.

Urban Art surely is an art form to be taken seriously. But Urban Art also shows itself with a sence of humor. Artists like Banksy, Bronco or Dave the Chimp proving that Urban Art can be serious and fun.

Urban Art being more then vandalism or graffity.Urban Art being made with great technique and humor. Often with a risk. A risk they are willing to take.trying to create something. Trying to make a change. Urban Art changing the envirement and the people in it. Urban Artist nowing their pieces will vanish but still taking the effort to make a change.

That's Urban Art.